Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Papa Tucci knows what's up!

I went to Tucci's on 700 East (across from Trolley Square) and I was more than happy (finally, a great Italian restaurant in Salt Lake)! As usual, I complain about how restaurants aren't open on Sundays but Tucci's is! They're also open on major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I sat outside on the patio and it was nicely covered; not too hot or too cold. There are products for sale directly imported from Italy - very very authentic.

It was my first time there and I didn't realize that our waiter was Papa Tucci, the owner, until a few minutes after sitting down. He brought out hot bread immediately. My family always told me that hot bread at a restaurant is always a good sign. 

I was extremely indecisive about what to order and he said, "You know, you can take advantage because you have Papa Tucci here!" He made me a sampler plate of THREE different pastas:

SHRIMP PUTTANESCA Quickly sauteed shrimp, crushed red peppers, and dry white wine intensify the sweet flavor of tomato and basil in this spicy, but flavorful, sauce. Which is tossed with spaghetti pasta and Parmesan cheese.


Italian sausage blended with red & green bell peppers, red onions, and penne pasta in a spicy tomato vodka sauce.


Bowtie pasta with chicken, mushrooms, pine nuts, and spinach in an alfredo lemon cream sauce.

Everything was obviously fresh and made to order. I'm not even a dessert person and I ordered a Caramel Gelato which was phenomenal.

I'll probably be there this Sunday because I loved it so much. Hope you try it soon! Grazie!


  1. Great blog post. I absolutely love Tucci's food. I've never tried the desserts there, but next time I'm there I will.

  2. the only italian resturant i love in that place is PAPA Tucci.

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