Friday, April 19, 2013

Sick, and Far From Home

Don't watch House when you're sick.
I've been doing this for 3 years now - you know, handling being sick without my mom or dad or my favorite pediatrician. After my weekend in California, my body was definitely not strong enough to keep the sickness away, especially with the stress of finals. 

Now I'm completely congested, with ear infections, and nausea. It really is hard to be sick without the people who we know care about us most but I've always noticed that everyone I surround myself with deeply care about my well-being and do anything they can to help. Whenever I get sick in Salt Lake, it feels like an ordeal but I remember to be proactive:

  1. Head to the doctor right away! Check your health insurance and see who's available in the area.
  2. If not the doctor, at least research the symptoms you have. Sometimes WebMD makes me think I have some rare awful disease but obviously, do your research.
  3. Make a Walgreens trip; it's right down the road on 21st. I bought Vicks, nasal spray, tissues, and more medicine just in case for the future. I also have a bin that's solely for medicine so it's always readily available. It's a lot more stressful to make these kinds of trips when you're already sick.
  4. Email your professors the second you're not feeling well and back it up with a doctor's note. If you can't do that, have your roommate or friend bring your work to class and have them explain the situation. 
  5. Drink plenty of fluids - water, orange juice, gatorade, maybe propel.
  6. Get plenty of rest. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and take short naps. 
  7. Take your vitamins. College diets aren't always the healthiest so it's better to stay on top of it.
  8. Research supplements. If you're low on your nutrients, this could be an easier way of replenishing your system.
  9. Don't share kisses - you heard me.
What can you do when you're sick at home?
  • Watch a new TV show on Netflix or Hulu.
  • Watch some movies. I like to Google keywords like "Best Movies of 2013".
  • Find new calming music on Spotify. (I like tropical rain to fall asleep sometimes)
  • Sip on some hot tea; try a detox or cleansing type of tea.
  • Play video games. I'd pull out the N64 and Mario Kart it up if I could.
  • Find a nerdy computer game. Does anyone still use
  • Watch funny Youtube videos.
  • Doodle, paint, draw, make weird designs.
  • Read a book on the shelf you haven't touched.
  • Read a new magazine all the way through.
  • Crack the window open and get some fresh air.
  • Do some yoga or meditation.
  • Take a hot bubble bath.
Getting sick is an inevitable part of living on your own and dorms are particularly breeding grounds for illnesses. Try to be on top of it because it'll just get worse if you ignore it. Wish me luck - I want to be better for finals week.

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