Saturday, March 29, 2014

Got Kachumber?

I promised myself I would be writing almost every day, which turned into every week, which later turned into, "ehhh I'll start next week." This ongoing cycle was a result from my need to be a perfectionist.

I know some people hate raw veggies. Salads aren't exactly known for their fulfilling flavor or for their ability to fill you but this is the most popular yet easiest salad to make. This is defo superb with just about anything because it's more of a side than an appetizer salad.

How much? As much as you want really. Everyone has their preferences but I would stick to these measurements if you're eating for yourself or for two. Keep in mind you can always add more. I strongly advise not to overload the salt. That downright sucks if you let that happen.

- 1 tomato, diced
- 1 cucumber, finely diced
- 1/2 onion, finely diced
- Few sprigs of cilantro leaves, chopped
- Salt to taste
- 1 tablespoon of lime juice
* Use vinegar if you don't have lime juice.

Results anyone?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Treat yourself: Bruges Waffles & Frites

Hi readers,

I'm sorry I haven't been a good foodie blogger lately. I had a tragic event in my life and I just couldn't find the joy in eating or going out for a while. I always have my readers in mind when I post and so I wanted to make sure it a post well worth your time!

But! I decided to treat myself to Bruges Waffles & Frites. For those of you who haven't tried it yet, I think it's pretty addicting so I would think of it as more of a place to treat yourself. I've seen their downtown and Canyons location but never decided to try it until I remembered it was in Sugarhouse. 

By popular recommendations, I got the Waffle Monster and small fries with their homemade Curry mayo. The Waffle Monster is a Liège Waffle stuffed with crunchy speculoos (still a delicious mystery to me) spread, vanilla bean ice cream and strawberries. An order of fries comes with one homemade mayo. The choices are great: Mayonnaise, Aioli, Greens, Lemon Pepper Dill, Zensation, Brasil, Fry Sauce, Curry, Zango, Andalouse, Samurai, Afterburner (hottest!) for $0.65 each. In the restaurant, there's little descriptions of what each mayo is made with. 

Not only do they have waffles and fries, they have sandwiches, burgers, specialty hotdogs, omelets, ice cream treats, and many other small dishes. Honestly, it's absolutely delicious but probably not the healthiest idea --- and that's okay. It's just a treat :)

It definitely cheered me up and I know it'll do the same for you.

Waffle Monster
Crip on the outside, soft on the inside.
Best fries ever!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Copper Onion: American, Modern, & Fresh

Tucked in the heart of SLC, gosh I love The Copper Onion. Directly to the left of the restaurant is the classy Broadway Cinema movie theater (Salt Lake Film Society). It's a perfect place for dinner and a movie. The parking garage is right next to the restaurant as well. They're doing it right!

The inside of the restaurant has modern countryside decor. Old school lighting. Wood tables. Candles. It's rustic, old world, and very welcoming. They have an extremely full menu. While it's pricey, everything I've ever had on the menu is delicious. They used to have a great lamb ragout, but now they have pork ragout. Personally, I can't eat pork but I'm sure if you're into that - it's probably great. When I went on Sunday, they had a great special. I got the Pesto Fettucine and it was fresh and absolutely great. I felt ALL the flavors. The basil, garlic, and overall seasoning was great. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My life after 9/11

Me riding a horse on the beach in Karachi, Pakistan

*Warning: This is a rather dark blog post*

September 11th has filled my life with fear and anxiety. It was really hard growing up in a town being the only Pakistani, and from a Muslim family. Actually, my Westminster college essay was about prejudice and how I've been able to cope with it while assimilating to a mainstream society as a first-generation student.

It's been tumultuous since I was 9 years old. All of a sudden, American Muslims (even if we were not that religious) were objects of suspicion. Nobody even knew where Pakistan was before the tragedy. I had students ask me if I knew that 9/11 was going to happen, called me horrible names in the hallway, or their parents would tell them to stay away from me. 

I wish the middle east could get it together...I really do. Islam itself is a very peaceful religion but even I don't know why it's plagued with brutal violence in the middle east. It's painful to look the way I do sometimes. I'm sorry about what the color of my skin reminds Americans of. I was born and raised here like other American students. 

There's a serious lack of education here about Desi (slang for Pakistani, Indian, Afghani) people. In college, a girl I used to think highly of seriously thought Islam was a country. People think that Sikhs who wear Turbans are Muslim and "evil" but they actually follow a completely different religion. We're all very different and have very different cultures - just because we look the same, doesn't mean we are all the same. 

I will keep trying to outlast prejudice through strength of character. My thoughts go out to anyone affected by 9/11 and the heroes and victims that lost their lives today in 2001. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A little piece of Vietnam is just down the street!

A tasty and decently-priced Vietnamese restaurant is just down 1300 East. It's called Indochine Vietnamese Bistro. The exact location is 230 S 1300 E, SLC UT. You may not think to look on the left side of the street when you're driving down 13 considering it starts to turn into University of Utah land ;) 

Their head chef, Tuan Vu, was born and raised in Vietnam and then moved to America in 1985. Traditions and recipes have been passed down to Tuan. This restaurant has become a well-known South East Asian restaurant in the area. You can tell that they're going for an authentic feel - their menu has the Vietnamese translation next to the American almost-equivalent, their flavors are very fresh, and they have an extremely extensive menu. 

You can find something you like no matter what you're into: rice, noodles, soup salad, beef, pork, chicken, tofu, seafood, vegetarian, fondue, satay, curry, and if you're not feeling adventurous enough to try any of the vietnamese dishes...they have Chinese items on the menu as well.

I'm still hanging onto summer so I ordered a Noodle Salad with Lemongrass Beef. It's hard to describe the flavors because it isn't rich in flavor; it's just very fresh and a lot healthier than most heavy South East Asian dishes. It has beef, fresh lime juice, salad leaves, cilantro, plain white skinny noodles, sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, and garnished with bits of peanut. To add a little spice, ask for the spice tray. The spice tray not only has different spices but also different sauces as well including plum or fish sauce.

Try to go around lunch time Monday through Friday because they have a Weekday Power Lunch because it's fresh, affordable, and fast. Call 801.582.0896 for reservations.

Also look for these icons on the menu. As a graphic designer, I truly appreciate icons and graphic elements that help you navigate the menu better. They have this great way of showing you specific aspects of different dishes:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Venture to Eva downtown; small plates and drinks

Happy end of Labor Day Weekend! The new school year has officially started and I don't know about you but having some tasty restaurants to try over the weekend is part of my sanity; it's what I look forward to. 

It seems like Eva has new accommodating staff and a fresher menu. I really love the atmosphere at Eva. It has a modern rustic feel to the decor. There's modern art, quirky plates as decorations on the wall, and super cute outdoor seating. 

But about the food - it's unique, tiny, and often an explosion of flavors. When I say unique, I mean it. If you order bruschetta off the menu, don't expect it to be traditional at all. It's tiny because everything is served as small plates style which makes it nice if your table wants to order a few dishes but kind of annoying if you're hungry. Expect to spend money on an appetizer and an entree. When you turn 21, it'll be a great spot for cocktails for you!

Check out the full menu (dinner, brunch, happy hour) to get an idea of what Eva has to offer. By the way, they're totally open for brunch on Sunday (10am-3pm) which is exciting considering I'm sick of my favorite restaurants being closed on Sundays. 

If you go, definitely try:
  1. Rosemary Fries - parmesan, garlic, rosemary
  2. Sauteed Brussel Sprouts - toasted hazelnuts, cider vinegar
  3. Flash-friend Calamari - sherry cayenne aioli, jalapenos, sea salt
  4. Baked Greek Mac & Cheese - macaroni, bacon, tomato, arugula, wrapped in phyllo
  5. Spinach and Potato Gnocchiwhite wine cream sauce, peas, mushrooms, parmesan, truffle oil
  6. Lobster Ravioli - mushrooms, shrimp, lobster cream sauce
  7. Ask about their daily Risotto.
^ sorry about the font being funky; I can't fight blogger anymore.

I ordered the Spinach and Potato Gnocchi this time and it was absolutely amazing. The pasta melts in your mouth and the truffle oil isn't overpowering. This is probably my favorite dish there.

Outdoor seating at Eva

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

8 Tips for Moving to College

Congrats! You're a young adult moving to college. It's a really exciting yet hard step; it will make you a mature individual and you'll be more independent than your friends who decided to stay home and commute to college. It's an opportunity you'll be glad you experienced - if not immediately, then eventually. Welcome to your home-away-from-home! Below are some of my key tips I can give to someone moving on campus:

1. Organize your belongings.
My very good friend Kathleen organized all my belongings into a really fun-looking list and made categories for all my things: ski equipment, technology, personal, room, clothes, bed, bathroom, school supplies, and extras. This is pretty much how I packed.

2. Pack your items cheaply yet carefully. Collect boxes (ask liquor stores for boxes), get a tape-gun, and use old newspapers, old dish towels, plastic grocery bags to package your things that are fragile.

3. Avoid the rush.
When I moved to Utah, I flew here. I took all of my expensive fragile (laptop, camera, chargers, etc.) electronics with me in my carry on and took one suitcase full of clothes. The rest was shipped 'ground' so I technically officially moved in waaay after move-in week was going on. It was actually really nice too because I had time to check out my space and plan out where I was going to put everything.

4. Save the 'fun' shopping for last. You're going to want to over prepare and buy a bunch of things you think you'll want. Set aside some spending money for supplies. There were so many things that I bought and sat in my room unopened that just cluttered my space.
At least you'll have the money saved for when you do need something. Only buy and bring essentials - ask if there's a college student discount.

5. Recruit your parents and/or friends to help you move in. Moving is an extremely emotional process (believe it or not) and it helps to have a support group there to help you get through the day. Your parents and friends would be glad to help you move in if you ask nicely and make sure to tell them it's a little stressful - if it is for you.

6. Know where you live.
Make sure you change your mailing address to your new college address. All of my bank statements went to my old house, where my mom had already moved out. It was uncomfortable having that kind of mail floating around the world. You'll be living in your dorm for a while - switch your address over! Get your building and room number. 

7. Have nice stationary. Go out and buy some stationary: blank cards, thank you cards, and nice paper. I wrote cards to my family from my new address, it was a great hit! And some of them actually sent me surprises in the mail. Also, thank you cards are a must. Always send a thank you card to someone who goes out of their way to do something nice for you.

8. Set some ground rules. Although you have always lived with your parents until this point in your life, you must know what's important to you in a living situation. Don't assume you got paired with the most perfect roommate ever. It doesn't hurt to tell them from the beginning when you go to bed, how neat you keep your space, when you like to wake up, if you'd like to be asked if they can have guests over, if they can use your things when you're not around, or whatever you think is important to note in order to have a comfortable living situation.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to be a Hermione Granger at Westminster

You're a bright student and you know you want to make the most out of your freshman year. Be a Hermione Granger, you'll be glad you put the effort in now because you'll have good habits for college from the beginning. 

Hermione is killin' it in class today.
According to my research, Hermione earned 11 O.W.L.s: She received 10 "Outstandings" (Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Herbology, Astronomy, History of Magic, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes and one unknown class), and an "Exceeds Expectations" in Defense Against the Dark Arts (HBP5). Hermione missed her seventh year at Hogwarts (DH), but she went back to school the whole following year and took her N.E.W.T.s so she could graduate properly (PC/JKR1). She received the award "Perfect for Gryffindor" her 5th and 6th years. Organizations? She was a member of Dumbledore's Army and S.P.E.W.

You don't have to wait at Westminster until you're an upperclassman to earn recognition for your academics or skills. There are plenty of opportunities for you to shine in your field of choice. Just ask your professor or advisor how to challenge yourself and what they think you could participate in. But before you have stars in your eyes dreaming of awards, you're going to have to put extra effort to stay on top of your tasks to get there. Below are tactics to help you stay organized and keep you ahead: 

Save these phone numbers.
Westminster Main Number: 801.484.7651

(Call the main desk for anyone!)
Westminster Campus Patrol: 801.832.2525 
(If you're scared to walk to your dorm at night, Patrol can escort you there's not weird)
Westminster Emergency: 801.832.3000

(The number that will call you for snow days, bad weather, or any other emergency)

Always have your student ID, license, wallet, keys, phone, and a little notebook.
You'll probably need your ID for most campus activities. Your license is just good to have in case you need another form of ID. You'll probably need your wallet if you want to buy anything extra on campus like those scrumptious girls scout cookies when they come on campus. I have an 'idea' notebook I carry sometimes but it's just been nice when you need a random piece of paper to write a note in. You need your keys - self-explanatory. Your phone? It's probably already always with you.

Forward your emails to an inbox you check regularly. If you haven't already, set up a professional personal email. By that, I mean or won't be acceptable either. You probably already knew that. Although you'll have a new Westminster email, you will still want a professional personal email. Just use your name and maybe the year you were born if your name by itself isn't available. It's nice to have because you never know when a job opportunity will come and they might ask for your email to send you more information. Set up your Westminster email to forward those emails to your personal account. Set it up on your phone too. If you need help, call IT/Support.

Start looking now for on-campus jobs, clubs, sports, and other organizations.
I have no doubt you could get an off-campus job but on-campus jobs are more flexible with your school schedule, they're convenient, and sometimes you get to work with your friends or make new friends. If you stick with it, you won't have to go job hunting until you graduate. If you were actively involved in a club in high school, it's probably part of your livelihood so don't give it up! Look for something similar - just ask ASWC (student government) what clubs are available, or check their website. Again, keep up with your sport of choice. Try out for the team! There are multiple other organizations you can be a part of. Honestly, there's always opportunities at Westminster if you ask questions and put yourself out there.

Create a printed/electronic schedule. 
Make a calendar in Word and put your school and work schedule into it. Print it out for yourself. Save that document to your phone too! I have mine on my iPhone as an image I can refer to quickly. It's just useful to look at when you're making other plans if you can't remember everything in your schedule. In addition, I have imported my schedule into my iCal so it's synced on my laptop and my phone. 

Set alarms for different things you need to do.
It might seem a little dorky but setting alarms for things like homework, work, gym time, laundry, calling your parents, actually go a long way. You won't forget and you'll start to create a schedule for yourself that becomes second nature. If you have a smart phone, I'm sure you can use the alarms on your phone or download an application for it.

Pick the major you want to do - not the one your parents want you to do.
You'll thank me for this one day! My father told me I absolutely had to do marketing, so I did, didn't succeed, and then ended up changing my major anyway to communication which was way more my style - I like to write, design, create things and collaborate with others. Communication and marketing work closely together so I was able to cheerfully study something more in tune with what I knew I would excel at. Although I'm not far behind, I could have been ahead if I just started with what I wanted to do. If you don't like your major now, it'll just get harder and harder.

Buy/rent your books way before class. Skim through the books.
The bookstore at Westminster usually always carries the books you need but the line is long if you wait until the last minute. You can get them cheaper online - anywhere. Try,, or check this article out for more information.

Participate in class; you'll remember the lesson more.
I know it might be scary to speak up in your first day of a college class but I promise, Westminster doesn't bite. Speak up because it's your grade that's on the line. You don't have to raise your hand every single time you know the answer but participating a little is better than none at all.

Take superb notes and make study cards ahead of time.
  • By now you should know, you have to take good notes. For good notes, you need a working pen or pencil. Definitely don't be that kid in college without a pen or pencil - we're all judging you, a little. A lot of my classmates still take notes with pen and paper and they say that although it sucks, they retain the information a lot better. I take notes on my laptop but sometimes I use an application called OmmWriter that's a blank room just for writing. Then I'm not distracted. Notes are great for when you write papers because it helps you remember what the core ideas are. If you don't feel like taking notes that day because you're too tired or just want to relax, record the lecture and take your notes later. It'll go buy even faster!
  • Make your flash cards in advance and look at them whenever you have free time, maybe when you don't have homework for that class - review your flash cards! You'll know more than everyone else in class and you'll start to remember the information. An easy way to do this is to use my FAVORITE studying application ever - it's called Study Blue. I study from my phone now (thanks Devin!). It's easy to use, it grades you, it takes seconds to create, and you can put diagrams and photos on it. I just gave you all my most powerful study secret.
Organize your computer for your college documents.
  • Create a folder called Westminster. Put your class and/or work schedule, resume, and any other official documents you need for college. In addition, create a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior folder. Within your Freshman folder, create folders for all your first semester classes. You get the idea - repeat that for your sophomore, junior, and senior year.
  • You'll have to make an e-portfolio. Why not create a folder of your "Best Work" so it's easier to pick out pieces and upload when you're ready? Divide it by category: academic papers, design, presentations, proposals (just some examples).

Embrace your Hermione-ness; we like the smart kids in college! If you have any questions about how else to prepare for your first semester, feel free to ask your admissions counselor, call the start center, or tweet to me @SkhanStudio! I'm more than happy to give advice to new Griffins or find the right person to answer your questions.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spotted: Great Sushi in Landlocked State

It's true! I found another sushi spot, but not really. It's been there for a while but I just started to go more frequently. Tsunami is right next to the Dollar Theater here in Sugar House. Great date idea people! But I just HAD to blog about this one crazy zesty roll I had. It's called the 'Executive Suite' roll and I think it's the one of the more expensive rolls on the menu but I love love love it. It comes with this unique habanero sauce on the side and it's actually pretty spicy (for someone who is Pakistani and grew up with spicy dishes). It has tempura shrimp, avocado, cilantro and spicy sauce topped with tuna, lime slices, masago and scallions then drizzled with habanero and eel sauces. I also ordered calamari as an appetizer which was tasty (I appreciated the lemon on the side) and ordered a to-go lunch box for my roommate. He said it was really good! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To All Beginning Artists: Don't quit what you're doing!

I watched this video a while ago when I was starting out with graphic design. My teacher in high school showed it to me and then a friend in college did too. Whether you want to design, build, write, or do anything creative, don't quit because you think you aren't good enough.

Papa Tucci knows what's up!

I went to Tucci's on 700 East (across from Trolley Square) and I was more than happy (finally, a great Italian restaurant in Salt Lake)! As usual, I complain about how restaurants aren't open on Sundays but Tucci's is! They're also open on major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I sat outside on the patio and it was nicely covered; not too hot or too cold. There are products for sale directly imported from Italy - very very authentic.

It was my first time there and I didn't realize that our waiter was Papa Tucci, the owner, until a few minutes after sitting down. He brought out hot bread immediately. My family always told me that hot bread at a restaurant is always a good sign. 

I was extremely indecisive about what to order and he said, "You know, you can take advantage because you have Papa Tucci here!" He made me a sampler plate of THREE different pastas:

SHRIMP PUTTANESCA Quickly sauteed shrimp, crushed red peppers, and dry white wine intensify the sweet flavor of tomato and basil in this spicy, but flavorful, sauce. Which is tossed with spaghetti pasta and Parmesan cheese.


Italian sausage blended with red & green bell peppers, red onions, and penne pasta in a spicy tomato vodka sauce.


Bowtie pasta with chicken, mushrooms, pine nuts, and spinach in an alfredo lemon cream sauce.

Everything was obviously fresh and made to order. I'm not even a dessert person and I ordered a Caramel Gelato which was phenomenal.

I'll probably be there this Sunday because I loved it so much. Hope you try it soon! Grazie!

Moving Mayhem!

QUICK THOUGHT: This was my bajillionth time moving. Next time, I'm saving up and hiring movers! All of those awkwardly large things were tough to move. A big shout out to Jessica Meland and Devin Boyle. Without them, I definitely couldn't have moved it all that quickly and swiftly. Honestly, they did most of the work.. I began thinking though; there's a ton of things I didn't consider while I was moving. There are SO many steps you have to take before you even start to move your physical things. On, they have an awesome checklist to get you started!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Naked Fish: Miss Saigon, Tuna Tempura, & Sukiyaki

Courtesy of Kelli Nakagama
I'm always a harsh critic when it comes food, even harsher when it comes to sushi but I realized over the years that it isn't Utah's fault we're in a landlocked state. However, Naked Fish Japanese Bistro had the best sushi and atmosphere in Salt Lake. It's downtown, close to The Gateway. I will say it was a little pricey for a college budget, but well worth it. Ask to sit in the low booth! It's all part of the Japanese restaurant experience. 

Also, Naked Fish is Utah's only sustainable sushi restaurant. They only serve fish that have maintainable populations and raised in eco/environmentally-friendly ways.

Here's what the table ordered:

Miss Saigon Roll (table favorite)
salmon, tempura jalapenos, cilantro, cucumbers, peanuts, sesame seeds, chili sauce, & fresh lime juice

Tuna Tempura (like any other fried cream cheese roll)
tuna, crab salad, cream cheese, tsume, chili sauce

Sukiyaki (amazing beef, noodles, + japanese accents)
traditional Japanese style hot pot, domestic wagyu, shirataki, maitake, tofu, green onions

They won Best of State for Japanese Fine Dining. This is an ideal location for quality sushi, birthday parties, or intimate dinner dates. Check it out and splurge when you can!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Make traveling easier

I was home in Jersey for a week and I must say, traveling coast to coast has gotten a lot easier because I'm a frequent flyer and I've learned a ton about how to make it a painless process. I got a Delta Skymiles Card when I was a freshman and I've been trying to accrue miles since. My luggage gets checked in for free and I fly Sky Priority now, so nice when you're running late! I'm close to being a medallion member which will be awesome because I heard they have some lavish benefits. However, there are other credit cards that accommodate more airlines but I just use delta because they always have the best deals for where I want to go. For example, CapitalOne has a Venture Card where you can accrue miles from other airlines.

This is how I make the security line an easy process:
  • Boarding Pass & ID - I put my license (state to state) in my pocket along with my boarding pass. Or sometimes, I just use the Delta App so they can just scan my boarding pass from my iPhone. Woo technology
  • Shoes - I wear some type of slip-on shoe so I can just get them off my feet as quickly as possible to throw them in a bin.
  • Tops - Sometimes they'll make you take off a chunky sweatshirt with a hood so wear a fitted one or something with a crewneck.
  • Pants - It depends on how long your flight is but come on, be comfortable! Take all of your stuff out of your pockets. TSAs patted my pocked for a BOBBY PIN. So annoying.
  • Laptop - You probably already know this but laptops have to come out and be in their own bin. 
Okay, now for the fun stuff
Packing your carry-on is easy but I'll tell you what I personally bring: 
1) Beats Headphones (I'm sorry but they're just so nice)
2) iPhone or iPod 
3) Mophie case 
4) Travel neck pillow (These work wonders for long flights)
5) Gum (For popping ears)
6) Water bottle
7) Sometimes a book or magazine
8) Small snack
9) Advil/Aleve (Not so fun but it'll help if you're like me and get headaches sometimes)
10) Wallet 

Packing can be simple:
  • Pack light. Just do it. Think of what you need and cut that in half. You'll probably go shopping and bring back more anyway. 
  • Make a quick checklist. You know you need tops, bottoms, under garments (haha, I've never used that word), socks, shoes, accessories, maybe meds, sunglasses, umbrella, cell phone, chargers, and maybe you should write down important numbers for emergencies.
  • Bring a laundry bag to separate dirty from clean clothes. Also, rolling your clothes instead of folding saves a lot more space. 
Maybe some of this was common sense but I hope you can take something away from these tiny travel tips.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sick, and Far From Home

Don't watch House when you're sick.
I've been doing this for 3 years now - you know, handling being sick without my mom or dad or my favorite pediatrician. After my weekend in California, my body was definitely not strong enough to keep the sickness away, especially with the stress of finals. 

Now I'm completely congested, with ear infections, and nausea. It really is hard to be sick without the people who we know care about us most but I've always noticed that everyone I surround myself with deeply care about my well-being and do anything they can to help. Whenever I get sick in Salt Lake, it feels like an ordeal but I remember to be proactive:

  1. Head to the doctor right away! Check your health insurance and see who's available in the area.
  2. If not the doctor, at least research the symptoms you have. Sometimes WebMD makes me think I have some rare awful disease but obviously, do your research.
  3. Make a Walgreens trip; it's right down the road on 21st. I bought Vicks, nasal spray, tissues, and more medicine just in case for the future. I also have a bin that's solely for medicine so it's always readily available. It's a lot more stressful to make these kinds of trips when you're already sick.
  4. Email your professors the second you're not feeling well and back it up with a doctor's note. If you can't do that, have your roommate or friend bring your work to class and have them explain the situation. 
  5. Drink plenty of fluids - water, orange juice, gatorade, maybe propel.
  6. Get plenty of rest. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and take short naps. 
  7. Take your vitamins. College diets aren't always the healthiest so it's better to stay on top of it.
  8. Research supplements. If you're low on your nutrients, this could be an easier way of replenishing your system.
  9. Don't share kisses - you heard me.
What can you do when you're sick at home?
  • Watch a new TV show on Netflix or Hulu.
  • Watch some movies. I like to Google keywords like "Best Movies of 2013".
  • Find new calming music on Spotify. (I like tropical rain to fall asleep sometimes)
  • Sip on some hot tea; try a detox or cleansing type of tea.
  • Play video games. I'd pull out the N64 and Mario Kart it up if I could.
  • Find a nerdy computer game. Does anyone still use
  • Watch funny Youtube videos.
  • Doodle, paint, draw, make weird designs.
  • Read a book on the shelf you haven't touched.
  • Read a new magazine all the way through.
  • Crack the window open and get some fresh air.
  • Do some yoga or meditation.
  • Take a hot bubble bath.
Getting sick is an inevitable part of living on your own and dorms are particularly breeding grounds for illnesses. Try to be on top of it because it'll just get worse if you ignore it. Wish me luck - I want to be better for finals week.